UNIUYO Epromac Revived | epromac result checker

uniuyo epromac revived is no longer use in checking the university of uyo, uniuyo semester results. 

Today, if you want to check your uniuyo semester result, you'll need to use the university of uyo, uniuyo students eportals official website.

Interestingly, you can access the webpage either via the university official website or via www.uniuyo.edu.ng/eportals.

Here is how to get that done step by step.

To check uniuyo semester result, do the following:

1. Type or click uniuyo.edu.ng/eportals in your browser and click on the enter button to proceed to the uniuyo eportal platform

2. Now, enter your registration number

3. Enter your passcode

4. Click Students Login and you'll be taken to your students page

5. Locate and click Check Result(s) at the top right corner of the page

6. Next, choose the semester

7. Choose the session you wish to check semester result

8. Click Print Semester Result at the bottom left of the page and you'll get your semester result downloaded into your device

Bear in mind that you'll need to click on the downloaded pdf file to see your results.

That is how to check your uniuyo semester result via the students eportals.

How To Check Uniuyo Semester Result Via WWW UNIUYO EDU NG
To check your semester result via the university of uyo, uniuyo official website, do the following:

1. go to uniuyo.edu.ng

2. Click e-portals at the top right corner of the page

3. Enter your registration number

4. Enter your passcode

5. Click students login and follow the steps given above to check your semester result.

That is how to check your semester result on uniuyo.edu.ng webpage.

Updated: Hello! There, here is an updated post on how to check university of uyo, uniuyo results.

Interestingly, in this post, you'll see the complete step by step guide on how to access semester results fast and easy.

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University of Uyo Result System: UNIUYO Epromac Revived | Check Uniuyo Semester's Result 
Hi! Friend, do you know that the management of the University of Uyo, UNIUYO result's management system aka EPROMAC has been revived or modified?
UNIUYO Epromac Revived | epromac result checker
Yes, epromac.com, as we all know, was completely down and students could longer access their results via the site. But today, students can now check their results via the same site but with little modification to the URL.

To check your results on the epromac revived official website, you'll enter into your browser this URL www.results.uniuyo.edu.ng and rather than www.epromac.com.

Here, I'll be showing you how you can hover on the University of Uyo, UNIUYO Epromac revived portal to check your results.

I'll be as brief as possible and trust before the end of this post, you'll be able to check your result on your own from the comfort of your smartphone or personal computer.

All you need to do is to follow the content of this article with keen attent so that you can get the job done with ease.

The University of Uyo, UNIUYO results management system establishment was one of the best feats which UNIUYO achieved in their effort to embrace modern technology. The site has a lot of benefits. One of the benefits is the ability of the students of the institution to log in their profiles and check their semester's results at the comfort of their devices.

On epromac, students can also register courses and print their course forms. However, within a twinkle of an eye the feat turned out to be a disappointment as the site, in particular, can longer be accessed by students for a long period of time. Epromac was completely down within this period.

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Several attempts made by students of the institution to check their results via the site was futile as the site server could longer be reached. Hence the need for revamping. This revamping exercise which was carried out by the university result management system department gave birth to epromac revived.

Epromac Revived: University of Uyo Result System
The University of Uyo, UNIUYO result management service department in a bid to revive the school's results checking website changed the name of the URL from epromac.com to results.uniuyo.edu.ng which is what we called epromac result.

So rather than entering epromac.com whenever you wish to check your result as a student of this institution, you're expected to enter results.uniuyo.edu.ng and then follow the procedure I'll show in the latter part of this post to check your result, register courses and print your course clearance form with ease. Given below are some of the few things you're expected to know about epromac revived;

1. University of Uyo Result System; results.uniuyo.edu.ng is the result vetting and computation unit of the University of Uyo.

2. University of Uyo Result System Process. The unit is very meticulous in our methods and serves the Institution through Examination Officers and other Stake Holders in the area of Processing Student matters and records.

3. University of Uyo Result System Approach. The unit simply provides a user friend platform for the Computation of Results and go through the Scrutiny and Vetting of these Results to ensure its Authenticity.

4. University of Uyo Result System Vision is to enhance prompt and timely release of Results on a Semester basis.

5. Their objective is to ensure that students and their sponsors have a platform for Results checking and provide feedback to further improve its quality.

University of Uyo Result System Emails
- info@results.uniuyo.edu.ng
- admin@results.uniuyo.edu.ng
- support@results.uniuyo.edu.ng

University of Uyo Result System Address
Town Campus,
University of Uyo,
Akwa Ibom State,

How to Check Result On Epromac Revived
To check result on University of Uyo Result System, do the following;
1. visit results.uniuyo.edu.ng/checkresult
2. On the new page that displays, enter your student's registration number and password and then hit the login button.
3. Select the Session
4. Click View Result
5. Click on Print Result on the bottom of the page

Or while on the page that displays when you entered the URL in your browser, navigate to the right corner of the page and then select students from the menu bar. A new page shall display. On that page, select semester's result from the list of options that are available and from step two above to check your results.

How To Print your Course Clearance Form
To print your course clearance on the portal, do the following;
- Click the Course Registration Link
- Log in with your Registration Number as your Username and Password
- Select the Semester and Session that applies
- Click the "View Course Clearance Form" button
- Click on the "Print Course Clearance Form" button

Note that the printed Form SHOULD be submitted to your Examination Officer to enable you to obtain a PIN that will enhance completion of your Course Registration. You MUST return to the Portal to complete your Course Registration after your Examination Officer and Head of Department have endorsed your Course Clearance Form

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Learn How to Compute Result
Here are comprehensive guidelines on how to calculate your GPA and CGPA. To calculate your GPA and CGPA in order to know your performance as a student of this prestigious institution, do the following;

First Step: Quality point(QP) is calculated by multiplying the grade point by the credit hour unit of the course i.e(Grade Point x CH). This is further explained thus: if a student scores 50% in an examination which is a C with a grade point of 3, and if the course credit hour is 3 then the student's Quality Point(QP) is 3 X 3 = 9. If the score is 70% which is A grade with a grade point of 5, the QP will be 5 X 5 etc.

Second Step: The Grade Point Average(GPA) for a semester is obtained by calculating all the various quality point(QP) for every course registered for and taken by the student for a particular semester. The GPA is then computed by dividing the total semester quality point(QP) by total semester credit hour unit(CH).

For example, if a student registered for 6 courses for example as indicated below:
- GST111 (2 units)
- GST112 (2 units)
- PHY 111 (3 units)
- CHM111 (3 units)
- BIO111 (4 units)
- MTH111 (4 units)

First Semester
Course codeCredit hourLetter gradeQuality point
GPA = QP/CH i.e 48/19 
GPA = 2.52

Second Semester

Course codeCredit hourLetter gradeQuality point
GPA = QP/CH i.e 37/19 
GPA = 1.94

In conclusion;
- Cumulative GPA = First semester QP = 48 Cumulative GPA = Second semester QP = 37
Total: 85

- Cumulative GPA = First semester CH = 19
- Cumulative GPA = Second semester CH = 19
 Total: 38

- Therefore: Cumulative GPA for the session: = 85/38
- CGPA = 2.23

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